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He settled the case, and paid a fine of 7,000 to compensate victims.

Andy Jenkins is an Internet marketer, filmmaker, and the founder of The Syndicate.In 2003, Kern was charged by the Federal Trade Commission with engaging in deceptive business practices and operating a pyramid scheme.Because Eben Pagan developed a habit to quickly implement what he learns, he can get results faster than most other people. Being a “guru” entails monumental work containing information which are not only useful in a business sense but are also potentially game-changing.Resulting in big financial success and becoming a multi-millionaire in a short time. Pagan’s reputation as the ultimate internet marketing resource expert is so huge that one couldn’t help but wonder how his intellectual creations managed to stand out amongst hundreds of other insight materials scattered across cyberspace.Pagan started out in the direct marketing space as a real estate and mortgage broker in San Diego. It exploded into a big success and became the foundation of a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Because of the recognition brought about by his dating advice products, people have started to ask him to share insights on the business side as well.Since then he has blessed the industry with heaps of training videos, webinars, how-to guides, individual coaching sessions and seminars.Eben Pagan has recently begun investing in technology startups with high growth potential.David De Angelo is the alias name of the founder of the "Double Your Dating" company.His real name is Eben Pagan, for which he is now also widely known in business and entrepreneurship circles. What this means is that you must make her feel attraction, and not try to talk her into being attracted.According to his internet marketing bio, Pagan’s success is “based on his ability to find, research and create valuable products that are in high demand.