Who is cliff richard dating

Sir Cliff has now vowed to sell his Berkshire home, telling friends he feels like he has been ‘ransacked by burglars’.

The star – who often has the year’s top-selling calendar – thinks it makes the ideal gift despite loved ones’ complaints.

But he was also at the home nearly two years later, when he was told by phone that the Crown Prosecution Service was throwing out the case against him in June 2016.'It hurt me so much, I don't think i can ever recover personally,' he wrote.

'I'm living my life again, and it's all in my past, but when I think of what I tried to build up in my career, I know it's been damaged in places I won't ever go back to.'Some people will always believe there's no smoke without fire, to which I can only reply with something someone wrote to me: 'Haven't they heard of smoke machines?

Beyond stating that the allegations are completely false, it would not be appropriate for me to say anything further until the investigation has concluded, which I hope will be very soon.

The star was on holiday in Portugal when detectives swooped on his penthouse suite in Sunningdale without warning on August 14 in a blaze of publicity as the BBC beamed live television images of detectives rifling through his belongings during a five-hour raid.

The singer was recently awarded 'substantial damages' from South Yorkshire Police and the force apologised for its 'unlawful' raid in connection with allegations of sex abuse that were unfounded.

He is still in the process of suing the BBC which filmed live coverage of the search and any trial is expected to take place next year.Meanwhile, another calendar that has caused a stir features Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, 65.He is pictured holding a kitten, showing off his judo skills and posing topless with a rifle.Almost two years after the raid at his home, Sir Cliff was told he would face no charges.His legal dispute with police was settled when the force agreed to pay the singer substantial damages.The man was interviewed under caution but was not arrested.’The police investigation first began last year when a man, now in his 40s, came forward to claim Sir Cliff sexually assaulted him at a rally in Sheffield held by American evangelist Billy Graham.