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Wilkinson is a great place to go to get colour matching equipment ready to become the the great British Bake Off star that you so clearly are! but you also need to think about the less common utensils that you may have forgotten about. I was shocked when I turned up to my Towers accommodation and there wasn’t one. Out of 16 people in my flat no one remembered one, gutted. I know that you’re probably haven’t thought about actually going to lectures, you’re no doubt too busy thinking about what fresher’s events you’re going to attend, but at some point you will need to do some work. Well, first off there’s the obvious stuff: pen, notebook and highlighter (don’t be the guy that turned round to me in my first lecture and asked if he could borrow a pen.) But in my experience, although these are essentials it may be a good idea to consider some other types of stationary that will be a saviour, when you’re deep into a 3,000 word essay. I love colour coding my work and making it look pretty.

Be creative: arrange them in a heart shape, as a big collage with differently sized photos, or create patterns all over your wall.Alternatively you can strain a string and attach your photos on it with clothes pegs.Looking back to my time in the Quays, I remember long chats in the kitchen, the obligatory Wednesday noon fire alarm test (don’t worry, they are normal for all accommodations) and walks on the beautiful Wivenhoe trail, which lies directly behind the Quays.Finally I can only say, come and experience it yourself – it will be worth it! Sabrina xx If you’ve just received an offer from the University to study here then congratulations!If you are not sure how to approach new people there, simply ask them what they think about “The Bridge” which is a perfect conversation starter 😉 Going on a night out on campus is definitely no problem, since there is a safety bus run by the Student Union which will take you home afterwards.

Also, the Quays have the great advantage of being situated right next to Dominoes and a Subway, which always proved to be a life saver for me when I just couldn’t wait ages for a takeaway to arrive!So results day had been and gone and you’ve got into university, yay!Now you need to consider what you need to buy to live at university.There’s also a dimmed lamp above the bed, which creates a more comfortable atmosphere in the evening.In fact, I believe you can never have enough comfortable lighting, so I loooove fairy lights which are very affordable and pretty!But have you thought about the finishing touches that every student needs in order to fend for themselves? A great way to decorate the accommodation walls is to create a photo wall, with your favourite prints of your family, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends.