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Although their sites often read like a woman’s worst nightmare, advertising services to help any man convince a woman to go straight to bed with him, the guys I spoke with claim that’s just the visual flash.Men are visual creatures — that’s why all the boobs are there.I mean 99 percent of the guys are like ‘OMFG YOU' RE SO HOT’ and they worship the woman.”Jozzar Kimba is a pick-up artist who works exclusively online.

If she’s a beer drinker poet with piercings and a penchant for grammar, chances are she is.

The websites of the pickup artists I interviewed recited a common litany of the type of women that the author had bedded — and that, implicitly, you could also bed, if you utilize whatever system they’re selling.

Supposedly, men think they want an easy way to get easy sex from the internet, but what they really want is a girlfriend.

But it doesn’t really matter whether pick-up artists emphasize their success at achieving casual sexual encounters or “meaningful” long-term relationships.

My conversations with three online pickup artists, who told me how they became experts in the game of attracting women online and how anyone (regardless of attractiveness, financial situation, and past romantic failures) can use Facebook and online dating sites to find “quality” women, were rife with terms like “value” and “negging.” The underlying message is that all men want, or implicitly deserve, “high-value” or “hot” women.

But online pickup artistry is often essentially a script for how to convince a woman that you’re good enough for her — often by making her feel like she’s worth less than you.

The exact same line about spontaneity, all from different guys.

It’s a new world to exploit — with fresh e Books, video tutorials, and interminable website copy interspersed with plenty of cleavage — all dedicated to figuring out the intricacies of online attraction and seduction.

Pore over this data and you can gain the upper hand in online communiqué.

Do you want to specifically attract an Asian woman?

Like, the kind of person who would go skydiving or ski down a mountain strapped to a pair of naked ninja turtles. A “pickup artist” is basically a guy who feeds you a line but supposedly it’s such a good line that you don’t notice.