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Since their romance was just a rumor and not true, what’s her relationship status at present?

Is the PGA Tour's first female lead golf announcer, Kelly Tilghman seeing someone or is she single at present? Kelly Tilgham might be the most private journalists out there, and that's saying a lot like those who report on the news usually always keep quiet about their own lives.

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The event was covered by the news channels and civil rights activist Al Sharpton demanded her to be fired as she quoted her remark is a black community.Following it, the Golf Channel had suspended Kelly for two weeks. But in 2006, her salary was reported to be the US $ 375,000.She also won the 1990’s Lady Paladin Invitational golf competition hosted by Furman University.From 1992-96, she has played golf in Australia, Europe, and Asia as a professional. She is graduated in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History.She has hosted and anchored several of the competitions from the channel.

Kelly Tilghman had faced criticism for her remarks about Tiger Woods during 2008 PGA Tour Telecast.

She had attended Duke University where she used to play golf.

In the University, won the scholarship in women’s golf team.

She allegedly shared a baby with Faldo, but like said earlier, these were all rumors.

The only reasonable basis for these stories is Kelly's collaboration with him in Not only that, she has even been rumored to be lesbian, and this rumor in specific is still around. Not that she has confessed it herself, but all this comes from various sources, and she hasn't denied any of it.

Because of her fantasy and closeness with golf, she was hired by the Golf Channel as their course reporter.