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If Lodoss War had taken the time to flesh out its world and characters on top of having better animated battle sequences, this could have had the potential to be quite the classic of an anime.As it is, the OVA gets kudos for focusing on an approach to a genre that isn't explored very often in anime, but its subpar animation and limited depth greatly deter it for me.This manga is another quality retelling of the original Lodoss story about the crusade against the witch Carla with all of the gang and story present.

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Scenery and characters were nicely drawn sporting a nice amount of detail with subdued color tones and sported a consistently great soundtrack with tense insert tracks to compliment battle scenes and songs that flow along well with the epic scale the anime is trying to present itself as.

What does hurt the experience quite a bit though for me was the show's animation and depth.

Record of Lodoss War recounts the adventures of a youth by the name of Parn, the son of a dishonored knight.

Part of his motivation for adventuring is to find out what happened to his father, and to restore his family's honor.

This problem was exacerbated by the fact that at times, characters move from point A to B to C in a moment, which doesn't always jive with the story.

For (a made up) example, our characters could be deep in a dungeon and fleeing because a dragon is about to come to life and kill them all.Not to mention depth on characters and many elements to the world of the series were greatly limited as most relevant details revealed only seemed to take place if they were a necessity for the plot's advancement.It's bad enough where some of the relevant characters in Parn's journey, such as Slayn and Etoh, hardly get any fleshing out at all.Throughout the series, Parn comes into contact with friends and foes alike.His allies include King Kashue, King Fahn, Shiris, and Orson; his enemies include Emperor Beld, Ashram, and the evil necromancer Wagnard.This team is ideal for the task so maybe i will get to read them one day....