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They charge back at sunrise, with the ground telluric current from the surrounding land attracted to the henge just as magnetic fluctuations of the site reach their maximum.

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Random patdowns at the door, or being scanned with a metal detector, are typically used to stop weapons being taken into these adult nightspots.But, occasionally, they have led to people with hidden cameras being intercepted and denied entry.The analysis led Brooker to state how, “the average intensity of the [geomagnetic] field within the circle was significantly lower than that measured outside, as if the stones acted as a shield.” Such discoveries help us decipher what the ancients were up to when they built megalithic structures.At the Temple of Edfu in Egypt there is a wall featuring what amounts to a recipe for establishing a space that differs energetically from its surrounding landscape — a temple.The band then spirals towards the center of the circle as though descending down a rabbit hole.

Two of the circle’s western stones were also found to pulsate with concentric rings of alternating current, resembling ripples in a pond.Men are being busted trying to sneak hidden cameras into stripclubs - to post illict videos of lapdances on the internet.Two adult performers from a central London club told The Independent that it was a “common occurence” for punters to try to covertly film using their mobile phones. Then there was glamping, a zero-hassle way to enjoy the outdoors, with yurts, cabins and safari tents equipped and ready for your arrival.Now the outdoor holiday has been taken to the next level with the advent of “super-luxe” glamping, offering opportunities to enjoy the unbeatable rosy-cheeked, tree-climbing thrill of the outdoors with indulgent extras that give boutique hotels a run for their money.We use cookies and browser capability checks to help us deliver our online services, including to learn if you enabled Flash for video or ad blocking.