Free unmonitored text chat for teens

But after a few weeks of sending out text messages, the site began to receive text message replies. The service works much like a traditional support hotline: experienced, accredited counselors stand by waiting for individuals to call out for help.Most of these messages were innocuous—a positive comment or suggestion—but some of them were alarming. But instead of counseling by phone, it’s done via text message.And even those who manage to avoid mental illness still must face the pressures of every day peer interaction, educational goals and family turmoil.

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Sometimes the answer we arrive at simply is to sit back and let the situation pass.

At other times, we need to take a more active approach, engaging in therapy or taking psychiatric medication.

The average teen sends and receives around 4,000 texts per month with an open rate of over 96%.

Lublin realized that the best way to keep kids connected to various causes was to send out regular text message reminders. After reading that message, Lublin realized she had to do something, and started Crisis Text Line.

Everyone at some time in his or her own life experiences sadness, anxiety, despair, fear and embarrassment. But what do we do when these stressors become too hard to bear?

Experience tells us we talk to someone—a friend, spouse, colleague, a mental healthcare professional—who can help us figure out the best way to tackle the situation.I do.t how to strat but me and my son father are in a complicated relation ship, we both love each other but things that he had done in the past are alwayd in my mind and their for i cant trust him every time we try to talk it becomes into an argument and i always bring the past to the present i have forgive him for any lie , all the cheating all the disrespecting but i just cant forget about none i love him and i love out son but i dont what else to do i cry nights i feel like something deep in my trought that i want to take things out but i cant, ill i do is cry heart wants to keep him because im so inlove with him but my mind tells me to leave him for everything that he has done but ones we break up i feel like dying im so confused i need help good thing i have my family but i just dont like showing them that im hurt can someone plshelp me ... Our heart is an energetic receiver, but like the brain.But the heart is 10,000 times more powerful than the brain, and it isn't all about logic you know. If anyone needs some emotional, mental or spiritual help please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.The counselor who responded contacted local authorities while keeping in communication with the boy, who finally agreed to put the pills away in his desk.A few minutes later, he texted back that he was taking the pills.Teens are much more likely to emote their true feelings when typing it onto a screen than when speaking face-to-face or even over the phone. Counselors can send out text messages at regular intervals to ask whether the child took the course of action they agreed upon or whether they are in need of more help.