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And then there were some who studied AVL (basically something like Literature in general and in global comparison). Great insight and observation, and so different from all the cheap lamenting about Kyiv, which is still awesome. After reading our Forum, I can't agree more with globally applicable approach to stop whining and start enjoying life, that Bill1963 laid out few posts below. Girls wait there for their friends to get off the metro where you can approach and ask simple questions like if she's from Kiev.

Tried to find the meaning of AVL acronym in English, and then somehow the word "Allgemeine" from German High-School class popped up! Seems like he has no doubts, thus confirming multiple years of experience of my friends, already relocated or residing in Kiev. Generally speaking, prostitutes do not troll K street.

Both girls are smoking hot hard bodies and very nice looking. Do not carry more cash than you need for your next encounter, and be safe! If you are lucky enough to pull a girl off the street, don't mention money. I've been asked how much I would give if she came back to my apartment. She was already quite experienced and rather industrious. Categories of ladies, pay grades, "bases" distributed throughout the city where providers wait for calls to jump into a car for on-site delivery, etc. Just a reminder to all gentlemen in this forum who is currently in Kiev or will be in future: Be cautious of your personal belongings when walking around the city.

The going rate for her better looking friend is 10000 euro a week in Dubai. Many men from certain cultures have a complete obsession with Ukranian and Russian women, and in-turn through instgram and travel sites are offering them nonsense money.

I went to Kiev to see what the obsession was all about, and I did not find it. I have perfected my skills and can pick up women in Canada. They may have worked as providers before and got promoted.

There are many guys on daily basis getting rip off in Kiev, but most do not care about this.

Last point Rio, will cost more than 0, when the night is all over. Moving you from room to room, all this is done just to get you to spend money.

Remember you are in one of the poorest capitals in Europe.

When I was a young student in Berlin there were people who studied German literature or American literature or any such (some were studying Finno-Hungarian literature).I didn't call the police since I knew its useless, plus after a good sex I wanted to go back to my hotel to have some rest.Hope you gentlemen could be more cautious with your cash, phones, passports, etc while in Kiev.Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft. But that doesn't stop normal girls from having it in the back of their mind that may want to fuck somebody if it feels right.Target the young girls that are likely to be naive of the sex scene.Completely correct, I have been chatting for several months with many Ukrainian girls who us the travel girls site.