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WHITE MAN: Who know who’s REALLY discriminated against? PANEL 6 A young white woman, stands in a coffee shop, holding a cup of tea and a saucer.

WOMAN: I DEFINITELY have a non-white friend who agrees with me.

PANEL 7 A white woman in slacks and a polo shirt sits on a park bench, reading a newspaper (“Daily Opiate”) and speaking cheerfully to the viewer.

WOMAN: Voting for Trump had nothing to do with racism!

We even performed once at The Bitter End, though whoever did the publicity spelled my name wrong: When my friendship with Bill ended, maybe because it ended—we did not part on good terms and I was angry and devastated by the loss—I lost the desire to perform on stage.

I was getting serious about my writing and I made a conscious decision to focus my energies there.

He’s holding a long spoon in one hand and making a “thumb’s up” sign at the viewers with his other hand; there are various bowls arrayed in front of him, with neon green stuff in the bowls, and a big stew pot to his right.

(Throughout this strip, all colors are a bit desaturated and dull, other than the neon green.) CHEF: Welcome!PANEL 6 The Chef holds out a spoon towards the viewer. KICKER PANEL A tiny panel below the bottom of the strip shows a woman yelling at the cartoonist.The spoon is dripping with a thick, neon-green liquid. WOMAN: Criticizing how society harms men means you’re anti-male!He is typing: As a strong Black woman, I think we Blacks talk too much about racism. PANEL 5 A middle-aged white man, wearing a suit vest, collared shirt, and striped tie, stands with his arms crossed.PANEL 4 An angry white woman, standing near a fence with some giant sunflowers nearby, talks directly to the viewer. So criticizing me for racism is calling me a monster! In the background , we can see a huge limo, and a Black man in a chauffeur’s uniform waiting patiently.Transcript of Cartoon TITLE PANEL Fractured-looking letters say “White Lies.” Next to the lettering, a smiling white lady speaks directly to the viewer. The boy has an image of Captain America’s iconic shield on his t-shirt. PANEL 3 A young white man types at a laptop, his coffee cop besides him.