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The all-white trend is very tricky to pull off so experts say it's best to avoid unless you combine with warmer tones.

As living spaces are often painted in neutral tones, white is a good choice for an open-plan kitchen that you want to blend into the open lounge area.

But experts including interior designer Rebecca Dupere say there are reasons why you might want to avoid going all-white with your cooking space.'White kitchens, in my opinion, look far too utilitarian and clinical,' Rebecca told FEMAIL.

'And, on the practical side white shows the dirt and stains far too easily.

If the kitchen is the hub of your house a lot of time will have to be invested in keeping it clean.

But experts have warned that all-white kitchens are surprisingly tricky to pull off - and not simply because they're tougher to keep clean.

Interior gurus point out that white-on-white kitchens also require a lot of maintenance - not to mention the fact it can make what should be the heart of your home appear cold and uninviting.

Jim Warren is the executive director of NC WARN, an environmental watchdog group.

It got its start following one of the highest-profile environmental messes in state history – when the Ward Transformer company contaminated 60,000 tons of dirt with cancer-causing chemicals called PCBs.

Also, any surface scratches and marks show up more on white.' The other challenge is that a large kitchen can easily look too clinical and unfriendly if you go all-white.

Steve Tough, commercial sales director at Masterclass Kitchens, told FEMAIL: 'From a practical perspective, white shows up dirt and blemishes, making a white kitchen a high maintenance choice,' warns Steve.

"That's not possible at all."In an annual report to the General Assembly, the estimated cost of cleaning up the 330 sites where a responsible owner can't be found approaches 0 million.