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Thanks to the intervention of a local bank, the victim was not defrauded, however others may not be so fortunate.

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Targets of the scam have reported some callers having a foreign accent.

Scam Alert VI A new scam targeting elderly residents has been reported to Kitty Hawk Police Department.

The number the male was calling from was 845-817-5303; attempts to contact anyone at that number were unsuccessful.

Scam Alert V Several jurisdictions have received calls regarding a male identifying himself as Dwight Garrison who claims to be a deputy with an unknown agency.

The number (914) 315-2386 has also been reported as used by the scammers.

The victim’s house was surveilled by police during the time the scammers advised they’d be by deliver the balance of the prize money, but nobody ever showed up.

The male is calling people at their home and alleging they have failed to appear in court on various offenses.

The male then explains the matter can be resolved by simply paying a fine via Pay Pal to his department.

Scam Alert I A Kill Devil Hills resident reported a scam where a man named “David Collins” represented himself as a UPS employee and informed her that she had won 0,000 in a contest.

To facilitate receiving her winnings, the victim was directed to send money through Western Union to a UPS official in Effingham, South Carolina.

The information stolen from the insurance giant includes names, birthdays, medical IDs, social security numbers, street addresses, e-mail addresses and employment information, including income data.