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My eyes were immediately drawn to the rear of the barn where white sheets covered what was obviously a car parked parallel to the width of the barn. Skip had put his beloved 1962 on display, complete with a vintage lighted Chevrolet sign on the barn wall, while a second sign hung from the celling that read “Corvette Parking Only.”O’Neill believes storage in the barn, with no direct sunlight on the body, plus a wooden floor, elevated and with air flowing underneath to carry away moisture, helped preserve the Corvette so well.

“There’s no condensation, no mice problems, not even a cobweb on the car,” O’Neill observed.

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But on Saturdays she would “get the car and go to the laundromat because we didn’t have a washer and dryer.

I’d also go grocery shopping.”Skip would buy a “winter unit” (such as an old station wagon) until the Corvette went back on the road in the spring. I’m not a car person.”Skip fit the perfectionist car-person mold.

He built a barn, and that’s where it sat because he got into T-buckets.”When Skip realized that he was very sick he “went down into the cellar and rebuilt the engine.” When he passed away, which was 13 years ago, Dot received many inquiries to purchase the 1962 Corvette.

She turned them all down, but finally the time had come to sell.“I’m ready,” Dot said.

Dot had even laughed at that idea.“Oh, gosh no, gosh no, no, no, he would have driven it. We said when the time comes—this was when we were very young—we’d say we’re not going to have a casket.

We’re going to put you in the car with a smile on your face and your sunglasses.”Paul, who worked with Skip for many years, told us that he and other friends “protected” Dot from people that were looking for the 1962, a legend in the area, by keeping the Corvette’s location a secret.

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Dot admits she never realized that “many, many people knew there was a Corvette in a barn” in this small New England town but nobody knew where it was. He hoped to pick up the Vette either that Thursday or Saturday, if the weather held. O’Neill graciously agreed to ask the widow selling the Vette if it would be okay for me to come out.