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I get quite emotional just thinking about it." "I'm not looking forward to not being blonde anymore.I've forgotten what my real hair colour is." The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

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Felton said: "We've just finished doing the most substantial bits of filming.

"I think we're revelling in the fact that this is it- the last one.

But it had a happy ending: Three years later, Pattinson became that lusty bloodsucker Edward Cullen.

And like Radcliffe (and his "Twilight" chum Kristen Stewart), he made sure to craft an outside-the-box career soon as his own franchise had ended.

You can currently see him, underneath a scraggly beard, traipsing about uncharted Bolivian jungle in James Gray’s terrific “The Lost City of Z” (pictured, on the right) — another case in which Pattinson has lent himself out to the world’s most fascinating and singular filmmakers.

Radcliffe has yet to pop up in a single David Cronenberg film; the former Edward Cullen has done two (“Cosmopolis” and “Maps to the Stars”). Domhnall Gleeson Like Pattinson, Gleeson — the son of Brendan, who played Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody in three “Potter” episodes — isn’t a major character in the franchise.

"Those guys couldn't be more professional, especially Daniel, not only with the acting part but dealing with the day-to-day stuff. The two-part Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is rumoured to be premiered in March 2010.

They're all lovely people." "He did ring me last week. I just reassured him that the vast majority of people are on his side." Radcliffe has refuted the allegations of drug-taking, insisting that he only smokes "the occasional cigarette." Radcliffe and Felton are currently shooting scenes for the final instalment of the wildly succesful Harry Potter films.

In fact, you should probably learn how to pronounce his very Irish first name now: It’s DOH-null. Of the three "Potter" leads, he's had the most relaxed (read: not too big) career since, and he seems like a laidback, charmingly strange guy. Grint was often the most enjoyable of “Potter”’s central trio; of anything in those films, we miss his reliably goofy reaction shots the most.

Lord knows it’s difficult to escape the shadow of Ron Weasley. Even if Grint did nothing but loose variations on a Ron Weasley type for all eternity, that would be fine.

While he was still playing The Boy Who Lived, Radcliffe went starkers on the London and New York stages for “Equus,” and later sang his heart out in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” on Broadway.